Bell Let’s Talk

January 31st is turning into holidayisc, if that could ever be a word, like pancake day with a meaning.  Bell Let’s Talk is not only raising awareness, talk and conversation but it is also enabling a partnership of hope.  Bell came up with the perfect solution to remove the stigma, they provided a channel for the world to be involved in an effort to help mental health, something that has effected each and everyone of us from one time or another.  My hat goes off to Bell and everyone involved  so we can discuss this growing concern in everyday dinner tables, we care, you care and it is showing.  The world is a better place if we can talk about it.  I’m sure HAWCO NATION has done their share of texting and tweeting today to help fill the Community Fund to provide grants to projects that improve access to mental health care, services and support for people in Canada.

When I was diagnosed with my tumour I felt angry, depressed, alone and helpless.  I know what if feels like to not know what is going to happen from the first person, like being trapped.  I am super lucky to have the support of my friends and family.  We all have our story to tell, so let’s tell it.  Everyone deserves to be heard.

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