Reality of an Original Musician

It is so exciting to be an original artist, new adventures, doing what you love and meeting some amazing people.
First off we write music for sharing right, not to make money. But how do you produce, travel, promote, pay expenses without money, bottom line is that you can’t.
Here comes the tough part, the harsh reality, for every show, press, radio I have been approved for, there are over 100 refusals for each category. You have to grow a thick skin and not be discouraged by anything you may think of as negative. There are people that will love your music.
Gaining actual fans, not close friends and family, is tough as well, this will take 23 out of 24 hours, 7 days a week. Your close friends were your friends before music life so don’t blame them for not buying your albums or going to every show, like c’mon, they probably really like you, just not into your music or they just feel like you’re a buddy and that it’s a fad, family are the same but should support fully by helping to advertise in any way they can. Gaining fans is super difficult, proving that you actually have something to offer is harder than you ever could imagine if people don’t listen to your music, “if a tree falls in the forest, does anybody hear”. ¬†You could have amazing songs but they have to be heard.
Reaching out to network is crucial, finding leads to share your music and sharing others, oh that is another thing, just because you share someone’s music don’t expect them to share yours, they are busy or they just don’t give a *=+- about you.
First starting out you really need to have a good job(rich family works too) so you can withhold your budget and hopefully after 10 albums you start turning heads, Ed Sheeran had 5 EPs before signing a record deal, hard work at an early age. Having family in the business will help get you through faster, but once again, the talent will have to be there.
I am involved 150%. I write, play all instruments, produce, promote and side manage everything plus holding a full time job and full time Dad/husband. I think my days of hobby musician were over when I decided to sink $10000 into my first album, selling maybe 200 copies. I’ve grown smarter since then, now I manufacture what is selling.
I can’t say enough thanks for the people that sit by me through my music career, hopefully at the end I can take them on a massive musical journey surrounded by good tunes and good times.

Once again this is my opinion.

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